Why Us?

We reflect the culture of unwavering ethics and mutual respect


ZEST is a market and segment differentiator due to the four Pillars

  • Agility

    Industrialized approach realized by delivering pervasive and permanent cost reduction, business aware and dimensional technology landscape to have its clients win in their market place by its innovation and dedication.

  • Scalability

    Identifying strategic initiatives by paving way for a futuristic and modernized enterprise which is geared to meet business commitment aiding growth from emerging technologies

  • Flexibility

    Embed a culture of innovation within the client by exposing them to new ways of thinking and novel ways to tackle business and technology challenges in this increasingly complex and competitive environment.

  • Productivity

    Enhancing productivity resulting in sustainable performance by simplification of portfolio, rapidly responding to new demand and standardizing business processes to enhance ultimate customer experience and value


  • Quality First

    Quality comes first at ZEST, the company was established with this fundamental principle and shall grow with it. We trust in simplicity, we believe in cost efficiency, we engage in zero complacency. At ZEST quality of our work is of paramount importance in all our engagements.

  • Client Value

    While we are a for profit business, at ZEST we do not see our clients as our profit goal posts, we see the value we generate for them as the reward. The value we create by our work has a direct and intricate impact on society in general.

  • Ownership Conviction

    The Attribute of ownership at ZEST is a company norm. Each team member is trained and expected to think for and as the client. ZEST promotes the culture of ownership to create the next generation leaders encouraging and enhancing personal progression.

  • Lead by Example

    Leaders at ZEST are not the “delegators in chief”, in-fact we have a top down culture of leading by example. Each team mate at ZEST is trained to practice what they preach first, be exemplary in their quality of work by being proactive and solution oriented.

Mission, Vision and Values

  • Mission

    Our mission is to contribute to the information technology consulting industry with transparency, efficiency, ethics and cost effectiveness.

  • Vision

    Our vision is to be the largest provider of technology consulting cooperative, a one of its kind .

  • Values

    We value our clients and our people, their progress, growth and satisfaction are of utmost importance at ZEST.