Talent Acquisition

"Talent Matters, Performance Counts"
- Team ZEST

Talent Acquisition

“We help Clients create talent strategies that incorporates future talent needs and define the path to desired future state for their global workforce”

  • Zμ- read a Z(mu) is our key differentiator

    As the name suggest μ symbolizes “Reduced Mass”. Over the past decade we have seen organizations outsourcing their technology needs. By just adapting to a lean onshore model to reduce operational costs in order to maintain profitability, many firms are yet to realized the full benefits of doing so.

    Resource requirements uncertainty, Key talent being unavailable, loosing resources to Hi-Tech companies, resource cost, cost of living in a particular geography and various other people challenges which we see in the market place. All of these issues are combining to force a change in strategy which is how Zμ(Zest Mu) was envisioned

Project Management Office
  • Zμ is a ZEST proprietary value-added services which optimizes clients existing operation processes, the need to keep up with technology changes, client servicing, and being compliant with the ever-changing statutory landscape. Clients leverage ZEST's talent pool –“Pick and Choose” the resources for any number of hours, days, weeks, months or whatever time at a fractional cost. This is the recipe which we see our clients demanding to remain competitive.

    Based on industry, technology trend we recruit a talent pool which is mutualized in cost models, whereby this pool is shared or operated by many different clients simultaneously. We have multiple variations, options, availability on how this can benefit your talent needs “Lets Connect ”

    Zμ can help deliver scale and more efficiently managing talent, which we believe will lead to dramatic cost reductions instantly.

Offshore Development Center
  • Key Benefits

    • Enabler for automation
    • Taking away the technology burden of supporting large in-house systems and the operational pain of undertaking individual compliance.
    • Our Clients who have signed up to this approach have realized substantial savings in their talent sourcing area, benefiting from mutual economies of scale. Additional benefits will also arise from reduced operational risk and improved customer service.
  • ZEST helps hire smart talent smartly

    Bank on our engine to recruit talent, onsite, offshore, near shore, remote or - Together let’s be one step ahead. Our expertise includes technical and soft skill screening, facilitating remote interviews and specialized approach onboard the selected talent.

    Talent recruiting, contracting, training and retaining resources with the right skills and experience for your IT organization can be costly and time-consuming, especially when you need to quickly ramp up and down resources aligning as per client’s business priorities and demand.

    • We can bolster your IT staff capacity or extend your capabilities through a flexible and scalable model —providing resources onsite or offshore.
    • We collaborate with client’s right from Demand Forecast to fulfillment, our professionals differentiate by partnering with clients defining the description, suggesting and recommending requisite skill, experience required to maximize returns.
    • We do preliminary due diligence around business, soft skills which assists filtering the right pool of talent for the client to evaluate and select. Quarterly governance and reporting ensure to share resource feedback, development, known facts to mitigate potential risk in the future
Cyber Security Services
  • List of our Talent Acquisition Offerings

    • A full suite of solutions across a range of business processes and industries utilizing our industry, functional, operations and analytics experts.
      • Staff Augmentation
      • Contracting
      • Permanent Hiring
      • MSP or “Pass Thru”
    • Core BPO-enabling capabilities, including transition management, operational excellence and capability development.
    • Project Management Office (PMO) provides customizable and sustainable operational support. We foster stewardship, flexibility, and efficiency within fields such as project steering, organization and methodology.
    • Short-term engagements with specific objectives. For example, one-time data entry or back-log clearance
    • Offshore Development Center (ODC) enablement